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CLASSIC REPRINT: Hidden Meaning in the Passover Haggadah

Reading Lawrence Hoffman’s historical commentary on the Haggadah in My People’s Passover Haggadah is always a joy. My People’s Passover Haggadah (MPPH) has commentary from many angles by different contributors: biblical, theological, midrashic, medieval commentators, modern haggadot, feminist, spirituality, and … Continue reading

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Why is Passover so Christian-ly Popular?

I’m not sure when the practice started, the practice of churches inviting in Jewish-Christian speakers to talk about Passover and the Last Supper of Jesus. I’m guessing that it sort of started with Jews for Jesus in the 70’s. I … Continue reading

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Passover: A “Captivity and Freedom” Seder

As I have said in previous posts, it is good to: (1) cut the haggadah short in some way at your Passover Seders and (2) have multiple Seders during Passover week (or even some Seder-anticipation meals before, but without Passover … Continue reading

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CLASSIC REPRINT: The Purim-Passover Connection

From last year, an article on the little known connections between Passover and Purim. I pray your Purim celebration is filled with joy this weekend. What do hamentaschen and matzos have in common? What accord could there be between Pharaoh … Continue reading

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Maggid: The Story in the Passover Haggadah

If you heard that Passover was a telling of the Exodus story and then opened a Passover haggadah to read what is inside, you’d be surprised by the strange lack of reference to Moses, by the lack of a sustained … Continue reading

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Passover: The Mystery of Maror-Lettuce-Horseradish-Whatever

. . This or this? . . . Ever get confused about the two elements of the Passover Seder plate called maror and chazeret? Ever wonder why some use prepared horseradish as maror and yet the haggadah calls for dipping … Continue reading

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A New Passover Haggadah for Christians

Let me start by answering an objection that will occur to some readers, especially various mainstream Jewish readers who drop by: “Passover isn’t for Christians.” If you’ve heard this or if it comes into you mind, you really should take … Continue reading

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