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Learning, MJ Style

Lots of new and relatively new learning centers are making a bright future for Messianic Judaism and Judeo-Christians. I will list here some of the great learning resources, some new and others not-so-new, that are out there. I also want … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Birth Issues – Yeshua in Context

The birth stories of Yeshua have issues. It’s not easy to understand why there are such big differences between them. It’s not easy to answer how the evangelists could have obtained the information in their accounts. And the virginal conception … Continue reading

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The Outer Circle Around Yeshua

. . . but for those outside everything is in parables. These are Yeshua’s words in Mark 4:11. But most of us do not believe him. We see all around us religious empires built on the simplistic understanding of “those … Continue reading

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18 Things to Love About Passover

If you’ve had a boring Passover before, I’m sorry. There’s lots to love. And even if you are not the leader of the Seder, there are plenty of things to do to make the whole Passover season fun and rewarding. … Continue reading

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What is Our [Congregational] Purpose?

A friend and congregant asked, in a group setting with core people in our community discussing the near future, what is our purpose exactly?

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Where Did the Haggadah Come From?

I run into confusion all the time about Passover. People ask me, “Where is the parsley in the Bible?” Or people ask, “How do Jewish people today slaughter the lamb and do they still put blood on the door?” For … Continue reading

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Hashivenu 2011, Day 3

Today was the controversial day. The issue here is community. What could be controversial about that? Mark Kinzer read his paper today, the second and last major paper of the conference: “Messianic Jewish Community: Standing and Serving as a Priestly … Continue reading

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