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Biblical Glimpses Into Mystical Horizons

I’m giving a Skype lecture Wednesday night to a small group in Texas about mysticism and the Bible. So, naturally, my mind is on the subject this week and I’m putting down some rather random notes. Glimpses into mystical horizons … Continue reading

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“Knowledge” Transcending Knowledge

I’m giving a Skype seminar next Wednesday to a small group in Texas. With the cost of airline travel and gasoline, it only makes sense for a small group to find an alternative. I’m interested to see how it all … Continue reading

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Missing Mysticism in the Bible

I have been surprised recently by several requests to speak on the subject of mystical faith. An episcopal church in Tennessee mentioned that when I come in March for an all day seminar, they hope I’ll address the mystical way … Continue reading

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Mysticism [or Apocalypticism] 101

You and I cannot understand God directly, in his full and direct Being. We know him through images, memories, mysteries, and emanations. Images (shepherd, father, king, maker, the one above, source, rock, fortress, the beautiful, etc.). Memories (the fathers, exodus, … Continue reading

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What is Our [Congregational] Purpose?

A friend and congregant asked, in a group setting with core people in our community discussing the near future, what is our purpose exactly?

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Empowered Experience: Laying Tefillin

Life with God isn’t purely intellectual. It isn’t purely emotional. And emotional-rationality doesn’t explain it all either. I am not alone, in the vast see of Jews and Christians, who feel we have connected in reality with God through experience. … Continue reading

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The difference between religion and philosophy…

From Abraham Joshua Heschel, God in Search of Man: Not only are the problems of philosophy not identical with the problems of religion; their status is not the same. Philosophy is, in a sense, a kind of thinking that has … Continue reading

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Update: Bible of Unknowing

My blogging about the mystical thread that runs through the Bible continues at the link below. I am writing a book online, a book which will be laid out in textboxes and wordart as an accompaniment to reading the Bible … Continue reading

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