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The Gaza War and American Media

A reader asked me to comment on the current Gaza military campaign Israel is undertaking. They specifically said they’d like to know what the American media is not saying. So, not being any kind of expert on “the American media” … Continue reading

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MJ’s and Aliyah: An Issue to Get Involved In

Israel isn’t letting all of her Jewish people in. It’s that simple. And Israel is losing the battle against Muslim extremism. It’s also that simple. And who is to blame? Two groups: liberal-minded leaders who hope that appeasement will eventually … Continue reading

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Olives, Violence, and Settlers

Loving Israel sometimes means denouncing Jewish extremists. I have a basic sympathy with the aim of settlers in Israel who want to see all of Israel belong to the Jewish people (though I would add that non-Jews who own land … Continue reading

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A Mastermind of Mideast Troubles

The Wall Street Journal has a great review of a new book about Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Hitler-loving Mufti of Jerusalem from 1921 through the war for Israel’s independence, put in power by some very foolish Brits. al-Husseini is in … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Kosher Meals Denied to Messianic Prisoners

Jews in Prison Denied Kosher Meals Following is a post from guest blogger, Jackie Walker. Visit her Web site at And watch for an upcoming post on her site from Rabbi Derek Leman. Messianic Jews at the Richland Correctional … Continue reading

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Israel Uploads Video to YouTube: Truth About Kuntar

According to today’s Jerusalem Post, the following video was uploaded to YouTube by the Israeli government in response to the crowds in Lebanon cheering the release of mass-murderer Samir Kuntar yesterday:

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Did CNN Make Improvements to this Story?

Maybe I am crazy, but when a thoughtful reader emailed to tell me I was wrong, I looked again at the CNN story about the Israeli-Hizbullah prisoner swap. The story now rightfully labels Samir Kuntar a murderer and not a … Continue reading

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