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Reasons for Faith in Yeshua

This will likely be the subject of my podcast tomorrow. Of the making of lists there is no end, to paraphrase Qohelet (Ecclesiastes). I am aware of this as I make lists for my YESHUA IN CONTEXT SOURCEBOOK, due out … Continue reading

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Writing Theology, Risks, Rewards, N.T. Wright

Or should I call is Wrighting Theology, Wrisk and Wreward? (Or Wrighting N.T. Theology). When you write theology, especially in public forums, there are risks and rewards. I get a pretty fair amount of appreciation from people. I hope, no … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – A Prodigal Story

The Yeshua in Context book, audiobook, and eBook is due for release in August 2010. I plan to publish a sourcebook as well with lists, charts, and further resources for study. In this podcast, I examine the beloved story of … Continue reading

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Paul, N.T. Wright, and What About MJ’s?

I am at the Society of Biblical Literature conference in New Orleans with about 8,000 scholars and students of Bible, theology, archaeology, and so on. Last night, I asked N.T. Wright a question in front of 1,000 scholars. For those … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Yeshua, Pharisees, Revolution

Why were groups of Pharisees so interested in Yeshua? What power did Pharisees have to harm Yeshua? How do issues of power and Jewish beliefs help us recover the context of Yeshua’s life and message? Yeshua was a revolutionary. The … Continue reading

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Bockmuehl: Jesus’ Jewishness and the Historical Quest

Many thanks for a friendly reader who emailed me after my post, “Musings on Some Academic Portrayals of Jesus,” to point me to a handful of scholars I should consider. In particular, I wanted to see some of the best … Continue reading

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Academic Theories about Yeshua

This is a list I am preparing for the first chapter of Messiah, a book I am working on for next year. I will add a few more examples by the time it is done. I would be glad to … Continue reading

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