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On Reading Good Jewish Books

I read a lot of books for information. There are commentaries, atlases, lexicons, and many sources of information in my library. I also read for entertainment. I like suspense and fantasy novels and tend to fluctuate between the two. But … Continue reading

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Gnosticism and Canonical Narrative

Just a brief thought from R. Kendall Soulen this morning. We have talked in the past about the SCN (Standard Canonical Narrative) or the way the Bible is typically read as a unified story. Typically the story of the Bible … Continue reading

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Incarnation: Is it Jewish?

Today I will share a thought from Orthodox Jewish theologian Michael Wyschogrod. His recommended books include Abraham’s Promise and The Body of Faith. He is very biblical and prioritizes the Bible over tradition. His thought sometimes approaches Messianic Judaism, but … Continue reading


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