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Psalm 47, Abraham, Gentiles as Abraham’s Children

Speaking of the “child of Abraham” theme (see “Abraham in the Gospels” below), Psalm 47 develops the gentiles in the covenant of Abraham theme. The Psalm itself is about the peoples (gentiles) coming to God. Psalm 47:10 (9 in Christian … Continue reading


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Abraham in the Gospels

What does it mean to be an Israelite? This is the sort of question that was on the mind of people in Yeshua’s time. Rome had power. Israel was a subjected people. But God was expected to show up any … Continue reading

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Sabbath Meditation: Abraham’s Election by God

Michael Wyschogrod, a modern Orthodox scholar, wrote the following in 1961 for a conference in which various thinkers were asked to write a Jewish affirmation. This excerpt from Wyschogrod’s affirmation is a fitting meditation for this week as the Torah … Continue reading

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