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Milk and What Kind of Honey?

It’s known as the land of milk and honey. The primary meaning of honey (d’vash) here is probably fruit honey, such as date syrup, which was a common part of the diet in ancient Israel and surrounding lands. But evidence … Continue reading

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Faith, Reason, and SBL

There is an interesting op-ed piece in the July/August issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, a magazine that has been very worthwhile to follow in recent years. Some believers in the history and theology of the Bible will find BAR troubling. … Continue reading

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Who Moved the Ladder? Biblical Archaeology Review

The latest issue of Biblical Archaeology Review has a fascinating and hilarious story of mystery. I’ve been to Israel eight times and I’ve seen the Holy Sepulchre church each time. I’ve heard my favorite tour guide (Itai) explain many times … Continue reading


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