Places You Need

My resources page/blog where you can find my articles, books, and other great resources too. It’s a sort of “beginner’s guide” and “best of” rolled into one:

Messianic Jewish Education. The seminary where I prepared for the rabbinate. The graduate school where I take summer intensives. Messianic Jewish Theological Institute.

My books and my small publishing venture. Mount Olive Press.

An online education in Midrashic Literature. Rabbi Carl Kinbar’s blog. Start at the beginning. Midrash Etc.

The organization that started putting Messianic Judaism on a serious road. Hashivenu.

My blog about Yeshua’s life and the

Resources for Messianic Jews (Vine of David) and Judeo-Christians (First Fruits of Zion).

Messianic Jewish books. A lot of classics here. A good catalogue to receive. Messianic Jewish Resources.

A course in Torah or in the Gospels. A year-long study well worth your while.

I used to call him young, but now he is ordained. Yinon is the blog of Rabbi Joshua Brumbach. He has much good to say and his wife Monique, when she is not too busy, blogs as well. YinonBlog.

The network of synagogues I belong to. Want to find a good one near you? Start here. Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations.

An online magazine with great (and also short) articles by knowledgeable Messianic Jewish writers. Verge Online.

Reading the Bible with Mystical and Jewish Insight. My other blog. Bible of Unknowing blog.

The Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Council. Halachah. Wisdom. A major part of MJ’s future.

An online Messianic Jewish journal of academic note. Kesher Online.

About me as a speaker and writer.


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