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The Outer Circle Around Yeshua

. . . but for those outside everything is in parables. These are Yeshua’s words in Mark 4:11. But most of us do not believe him. We see all around us religious empires built on the simplistic understanding of “those … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Gospel Knowledge – Yeshua in Context

I start with some thoughts about principles for a more accurate reading experience in the gospels. Then I share some (not all) of the questions from a “Gospel Proficiency Test” I posted today at Shouldn’t the gospels become so … Continue reading

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Exam: The Gospel Proficiency Test

How well would you do in a test of your knowledge of the gospels in English? No tricks. No requirement of knowledge of commentaries or historical dictionaries or anything. This could be a good spiritual experience for you. You can … Continue reading

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A Very Moving Blog by Gene Shlomovich

On baseless hatred as the cause for the Second Temple’s destruction and relating it all to Yeshua’s suffering.

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Passover, Last Supper, Crucifixion: 2011 Notes, Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about the discrepancy between Mark and John regarding the day on which Yeshua was crucified and whether the Last Supper was a Passover Seder or not. I will explain this again briefly below a different … Continue reading

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18 Things to Love About Passover

If you’ve had a boring Passover before, I’m sorry. There’s lots to love. And even if you are not the leader of the Seder, there are plenty of things to do to make the whole Passover season fun and rewarding. … Continue reading

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Two Articles of Note on Yeshua in Context

Close reading is a lost art. Maybe it has something to do with the skimming we routinely practice reading way to many articles on the internet. “John 14:31, Why Close Reading Helps.” As part of my research into the Passover … Continue reading

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The Dilemma of Writers in the Age of “Free”

Ah, yes. There was a time when perhaps a guy like me could have made a regular income at writing articles. My wife and I are reading a book about country living in which a couple in the 80’s moved … Continue reading

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Passover, Last Supper, Crucifixion: 2011 Notes, Part 1

I know this post will disturb some good people and for good reason. I have the unenviable task of introducing a topic that calls into question many people’s view of the Bible, and specifically the gospels, as a unified, non-contradictory … Continue reading

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Path of the Just (Mesillat Yesharim)

This is not exactly a book review, though it is on the way to being one. I will do a full book review at some point. At the Society of Biblical Literature this year, I once again had the chance … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Desolating Sacrilege

Yeshua spoke of a coming event, the Desolating Sacrilege (Abomination of Desolation is another common translation). What was he referring to? Caligula’s intent to put a statue in the Temple in 40 CE? The coming Jewish war with Rome in … Continue reading

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It’s Happening! Sandy Springs, Georgia.

We’re in the final stage of acquiring a lease on property in Sandy Springs (central, easy to get to from all over Atlanta). The Tikvat David Community Learning Center will launch classes April 2011 in Hebrew and will add classes … Continue reading

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Discipleship in [Coming] Hard Times

And now for something really controversial. “Late have I loved you,” lamented Augustine. At the tender age of 43 I feel as though I have been previously blind to the specific social, economic, and communal instructions of Messiah. A paradigm … Continue reading

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In Atlanta? We’re One Step Closer . . .

. . . to being a Community Learning Center in Atlanta. We just got word that a facility in Sandy Springs might work out after all and we are likely to be in there before April and ready to start … Continue reading

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What Is In the Passover Haggadah?

Between now and Passover (1st Seder Monday night April 18, 2011) we’ll have plenty of help hear at MJ Musings for your Passover celebration. Articles will include history, commentary, and practical help for having a not-at-all-boring Seder this year. And, … Continue reading

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More time to listen than read?

I have a guest post on Yeshua in Context today by Brian Richie, a friend in California. This is a response by a busy working man to my podcast and essay from last week, “The Joy of Reading.” Brian explains … Continue reading

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Set Blog-Readers to “Add”

Okay, not quit the Trekkie pun I’d hoped for (“set phasers to stun”). But Rabbi Carl Kinbar has a new blog. And while Midrash Etc. was on the academic side, his new MJ-Learning Blog will be on the educational side. … Continue reading

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Mysticism [or Apocalypticism] 101

You and I cannot understand God directly, in his full and direct Being. We know him through images, memories, mysteries, and emanations. Images (shepherd, father, king, maker, the one above, source, rock, fortress, the beautiful, etc.). Memories (the fathers, exodus, … Continue reading

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An Unusual Milestone at Messianic Jewish Musings

Until I posted this note and ruined it, my post count at Messianic Jewish Musings hit 1,111 today. And also 628,000 reads.

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An Introduction to Yeshua’s Life

I just put together a new page at MJPassages (my resources and information site). I put up a nice selection of articles that really will get you immersed in the study of Yeshua’s life and message. Check it out here … Continue reading

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Toledo Conference March 28-29

Many cities are an easy drive to Toledo, Ohio. Are you a church leader or an MJ leader? The cost is only $30 and the sessions and speakers could be interesting (except for me, of course!).

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What is Our [Congregational] Purpose?

A friend and congregant asked, in a group setting with core people in our community discussing the near future, what is our purpose exactly?

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In Prayer We . . .

I found out about the Siddur Eit Ratzon (Season of Favor) from the Reform Shuckle blog just before High Holidays in 2010. I love this prayerbook. If it was affordable, I’d buy a hundred and make it the prayerbook of … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – The Joy of Reading

I had an experience last night that gave me an idea for this podcast. I’ve been closely reading the gospels and books on the gospels and books on the historical inquiry into the life and message of Yeshua for several … Continue reading

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Changes and Delays on Children’s Book

It will be a while now for the release of the children’s book. The size turned out not to look good at all (when my wife got the proof she called me and said, “Bigger”). Turns out the landscape orientation … Continue reading

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