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The Outer Circle Around Yeshua

. . . but for those outside everything is in parables. These are Yeshua’s words in Mark 4:11. But most of us do not believe him. We see all around us religious empires built on the simplistic understanding of “those … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Gospel Knowledge – Yeshua in Context

I start with some thoughts about principles for a more accurate reading experience in the gospels. Then I share some (not all) of the questions from a “Gospel Proficiency Test” I posted today at Shouldn’t the gospels become so … Continue reading

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Exam: The Gospel Proficiency Test

How well would you do in a test of your knowledge of the gospels in English? No tricks. No requirement of knowledge of commentaries or historical dictionaries or anything. This could be a good spiritual experience for you. You can … Continue reading

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A Very Moving Blog by Gene Shlomovich

On baseless hatred as the cause for the Second Temple’s destruction and relating it all to Yeshua’s suffering.

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Passover, Last Supper, Crucifixion: 2011 Notes, Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about the discrepancy between Mark and John regarding the day on which Yeshua was crucified and whether the Last Supper was a Passover Seder or not. I will explain this again briefly below a different … Continue reading

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18 Things to Love About Passover

If you’ve had a boring Passover before, I’m sorry. There’s lots to love. And even if you are not the leader of the Seder, there are plenty of things to do to make the whole Passover season fun and rewarding. … Continue reading

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Two Articles of Note on Yeshua in Context

Close reading is a lost art. Maybe it has something to do with the skimming we routinely practice reading way to many articles on the internet. “John 14:31, Why Close Reading Helps.” As part of my research into the Passover … Continue reading

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