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PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Sabbath Grain

Mark 2:23-28 is a riddle wrapped in a riddle smothered by an enigma. The questions it raises get deeper the closer we look. Yeshua is a master of confounding his critics and implying something just beyond the edges of comprehension. … Continue reading

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MJPassages 12-31-10

Fish in the Israeli desert? Jim Davila comments on Simcha Jacobovici (the Naked Archaeologist). Synagogues in the Middle Ages using the Greek Bible? Free eBook versions of the Siddur? The Economist says PhD’s are not worthwhile?

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My, Wasn’t David Baron Wrong!

I appreciate David Baron, the Hebrew Christian (1857-1926) who wrote some books that are still in print. Like Edersheim, I appreciate Baron, but sometimes have to wince at the anti-Judaism that was so inculcated by the Christian culture of that … Continue reading

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Rabbi Kinbar on Why MJ’s Should Learn Hebrew

Not just the rabbis and rabbis-in-training, but you! Even a little Hebrew is better than none. Take the challenge in 2011. He provides a link to some great self-learning or group learning materials. Read it here.

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Miracles (C.S. Lewis), #3

I’m slowly eking out a parallel series on C.S. Lewis and Abraham Joshua Heschel. You can find the earlier installments by using Categories on the right sidebar and looking under their names. Here are two contemporaries who epitomize good Christian … Continue reading

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Middle Ground: How to Irritate Both Sides

You know you’re in that annoying middle ground that seemingly satisfies no one when you manage to evoke disagreement and irritation from both sides of an issue. I mean, on the one hand, Judah is satirizing me here and Gene … Continue reading

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Bible & Archaeology News 12-29

Will the Russians find Sodom beneath the Dead Sea? . . . A humorous rejoinder (with pictures) to mythicists (they say Yeshua is a myth). . . . A scholar commends caring about both TEXT and ARTIFACT.

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