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High Holidays Meditation, Avinu Malkenu

If you’re not Jewish, you can still appreciate the spirit of the High Holidays: Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. If you drive by any synagogues on Wednesday night, September 12, you will see phenomenon of spiritual hunger. Synagogues easily quadruple … Continue reading

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An Apocryphal Prayer

The history of Israel is told in the Bible until the days of Ezra and Nehemiah. The New Testament picks up the story about 480 years later with John the Baptizer. What happened in between? The answer? A whole lot. … Continue reading

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33,000 Views in Ten Months!

Thanks all for checking this blog and I do hope it has added something to your life from time to time. Theology and serious reflection on Messianic Jewish, Christian, and Jewish topics is not exactly as popular as Sports Illustrated, … Continue reading

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Lashon Hara, Part 3

This topic of Lashon Hara is particularly capturing my heart and attention right now. I want to be better prepared for the High Holidays this year. I want my life to exhibit fruit, to be a good tree bearing good … Continue reading

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Lashon Hara, Part 2

It is Elul and I do hope that, assuming you are observant, you are taking a spiritual inventory. Rosh Hashanah is nearly here and then Yom Kippur. I, for one, find the Bible’s teachings on speech most challenging. Judaism has … Continue reading

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Sabbath Meditation, Papias and Messiah’s Reign

Shalom, may your home be filled with it this Sabbath and this weekend. If you are Jewish or observant, I pray your table will be a blessing tonight. Spread the cloth, light the candles, pour the wine, and sanctify that … Continue reading

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Lashon Hara, Part 1

The High Holidays are approaching. Every year we think about how to live lives more pleasing to God. This is an annual time to look inside, to look at the results of our choices and attitudes during the previous year, … Continue reading

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