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Dating the Afterlife

If you somehow thought I typed the title wrong and meant “dating IN the afterlife,” you came to the wrong place. These thoughts sprang from a little reading in Simcha Paull Raphael’s Jewish Views of the Afterlife. It’s an interesting … Continue reading

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Londonistan, Introduction

I’m reading a dozen books (what’s new) including Londonistan by Melanie Phillips (get it HERE). She is a journalist in the UK who is often, I read, the token conservative on BBC panels. Londonistan is a frightening but important read … Continue reading

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Messianic Jews in the Israeli News, June 2008

The following is a front page story on today. I could not afford to go to Jerusalem for the conference this year, so I am sitting home wishing I was there. As far as I know the protest is … Continue reading

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Responding to Reader Questions on John 8

Judah Himango asked me to render an opinion about the story of the woman caught in adultery in John 8. Wasn’t Yeshua violating Torah? (I know Judah doesn’t think Yeshua violated Torah; he was probing). I responded as follows: The … Continue reading

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The Tom and Jerry Afterlife?

In his book, Heaven, Christian author Randy Alcorn begins with an inspiring thought which I will paraphrase. Suppose you had the kind of job that was so great you would move anywhere in the world to keep it. And suppose … Continue reading

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The Jewish Gospel of Jesus, Part 4

Though the word gospel has different connotations today, and none of them Jewish, I assure you the gospel of Jesus is a Jewish message. Gospel, as part 1 explained, is a middle English word translating an ancient Greek concept: a … Continue reading

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Experimenting Again With Comments

Fellow blogger Judah Himango had some things to say about blogs and comments today. Please don’t make fun of his eyes. He can’t help it. :-) But seriously, Judah said: I love writing of the things I’m passionate about. This … Continue reading

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