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Robin Parry: New Article on Universalism

The new Rob Bell book has the topic of universalism on the minds of millions. Robin Parry (who wrote a much better book than Bell’s on the subject) writes here about seven myths concerning Christian universalism. As I have said, … Continue reading

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Richard Beck on Universalism as Biblical Truth

Everybody’s talking about universalism these days (because of a new book by Rob Bell called Love Wins). There are several kinds. One kind, and the one that interests me, does not deny judgment or hell. It simply says that there … Continue reading

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Creation, Tabernacle, Dwelling

My thoughts on this aren’t as fully formed as I would like. I’m sure there is more to this topic and it will need further exploration later. But we finished Exodus this past Shabbat and the theology of Tabernacle-as-mirror-to-Creation says … Continue reading

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Mysticism [or Apocalypticism] 101

You and I cannot understand God directly, in his full and direct Being. We know him through images, memories, mysteries, and emanations. Images (shepherd, father, king, maker, the one above, source, rock, fortress, the beautiful, etc.). Memories (the fathers, exodus, … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Demon Fail

What gospel gives the highest view of Yeshua’s exalted identity? John, of course. But after John, one of the synoptics stands high above the rest. That would be Mark. This story happens after the confession of Peter, and the rebuke … Continue reading

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Complaining, With Permission, to God

At the end of Exodus 2, we read that after a long time, Pharaoh died. Israel groaned under bondage. They cried out and their cry came up to God in heaven. God heard their groaning and remembered his covenant. Most … Continue reading

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Writing Theology, Risks, Rewards, N.T. Wright

Or should I call is Wrighting Theology, Wrisk and Wreward? (Or Wrighting N.T. Theology). When you write theology, especially in public forums, there are risks and rewards. I get a pretty fair amount of appreciation from people. I hope, no … Continue reading

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