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A Dramatic Reading for Atonement Day

Yes, I know Yom Kippur is over. I know it well. In fact, I have a sore lower back from sleeping on a mild slope in our tent last night as we celebrate Sukkot by camping out together here in … Continue reading

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The Four Parts of Atonement, a Yom Kippur Sermon

It’s the night before Sukkot Eve (the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles). For the Leman family, Sukkot starts early. My wife has been packing all day. I’ve spent hours at the stores buying what we need for our Sukkah and … Continue reading

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Two Dwellings: A Story of Epic Proportions

The following story is about the larger story behind all that we see. It is about two dwellings of God with us. It is about the Holy of Holies and the Cross. ………………………….. In the beginning there was just HaShem. … Continue reading

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Wicked Manasseh and Repentance

Okay, this is also a sermon . . . WAIT, don’t leave. It’s a busy week for a congregational leader. I promise I will not turn this blog into a forum for my sermons, but I think this one is … Continue reading

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Do We Want Messiah Badly Enough?

Okay, this was my Rosh HaShanah sermon . . . WAIT! Don’t leave just because it’s a sermon. Give it a chance. It might interest you. There‚Äôs a great promise in the Bible and, in Messianic Judaism, we associate it … Continue reading

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A Graceful Prayer, 3,000 Years Old

Repentance and introspection are the theme as we approach Yom Kippur on Saturday. Today my mind is on an ancient prayer of repentance. Its meaning may be surprising to some, who are of the strange opinion that grace started in … Continue reading

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High Holidays Question: Does Grace Cancel Holiness?

We are in the ten days of awe between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. This is a time of introspection, spiritual inventory, and preparation for great repentance on Yom Kippur (this year it will be Saturday, September 22). Several things … Continue reading

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