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Great Hope for Messianic Judaism’s Future

The final night of the 2008 Hashivenu Forum in Pasadena, California, (see was a banquet honoring a man and celebrating the future of Messianic Judaism. What man would we choose to honor and why? There is a man who … Continue reading

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Still More Live Blogging From Hashivenu: Something to Rally Around

I’m in Los Angeles with a lot of leaders and potential leaders in Messianic Judaism at a forum called Hashivenu ( These are Messianic Jews serious about building a Judaism. Today’s discussion has been the most exciting yet . . … Continue reading

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More Live Blogging from Hashivenu: MJ at the Margins

I’m still in Los Angeles at the 2008 Hashivenu Forum, a forum on theology and matters of Jewish practice. We are members of the Messianic Jewish Community discussing how to build a new Judaism centered around Messiah Yeshua . . … Continue reading

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Live Blogging from Hashivenu: Praying the Siddur in Yeshua

Hashivenu is a forum for Messianic Jews who see Messianic Judaism as a Judaism (as opposed to a cosmetically altered version of Christianity). The forum gathers annually in Pasadena to reflect on a major topic each year. This year, we … Continue reading

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Sabbath Meditation: Almsgiving

I hope you are preparing a beautiful table, as we are at the Leman house. We are laying ours with a burgundy table cloth tonight and using our Jerusalem candlesticks. The few moments you take to make your Sabbath meal … Continue reading

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Faith, Hope, and Love

What is it that really enables a person to live, to keep going on with some reasonable promise of meaning and value? Why put one foot in front of the other one more time when a thousand steps in the … Continue reading

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Talmud 101.1

Yesterday I posted a few notes about the Mishnah and Talmud, explaining a little of their pre-history and background for beginners (I’m pretty much a beginner myself, since my learning to this point has been mostly just topics from Talmud … Continue reading

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