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Blogging Vacation April 28 through May 3

I will be on blog vacation until May 4. Hope you’re not jealous, but after a weekend too busy to blog, I am gone Monday through Thursday to a retreat in Colorado. I’ll think about all of you while hiking. … Continue reading

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Sabbath Meditation, Israel in God’s Plan

I am amazed sometimes at how people who read the same Bible as I do miss out on God’s heart for the descendants of Jacob, the Jewish people — in Israel and all around the world. Many feel Israel is … Continue reading

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Exclusivity and God’s 13 Attributes

I was reading for another class I am taking at MJTI ( The book is a reader in Jewish texts called Judaism and Spiritual Ethics, edited by Niles Goldstein and Steven Mason. At one point, while discussing g’milut hasidim, acts … Continue reading

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Paul, Jews, and Gentiles: Fantasy vs. Reality

Paul is one of the least understood figures in history. There are a number of tragic missteps of history that led to Paul being understood as an opponent of Judaism and an advocate of lawlessness. First of all, there was … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Supper: Fantasy vs. Reality

I’m tackling a topic here that could make some people mad. I want to tread lightly. I understand that I am critiquing and attempting to undermine a strong tradition in Protestant Christianity. I know that the people who keep this … Continue reading

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Yeshua and the Pharisees: Fantasy vs. Reality

Pharisee is a bad word in the minds of many Jesus-followers. When people want to characterize someone as religiously backwards, hypocritical, or legalistic, they never use the word Sadducee or Essene. It is always Pharisee or Pharisaic. When speaking of … Continue reading

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Acts 10 and Pork: Fantasy vs. Reality

I love living in between two worlds (Judaism and Christianity, in case you didn’t know what I meant). It means sometimes having to submit to questions about my identity (Why Jesus? Why Judaism?). One scenario which plays itself out repeatedly … Continue reading

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Dinner and a . . . Torah?

I had dinner with a friend last night. He is someone I see only once a year or so. He is a rather intense person. (He may be reading this, so I have to be careful what I say). He … Continue reading

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Sabbath Meditation, To Be or Not to Be . . . Kosher

The Sabbath approaches and I do hope you are preparing for a family dinner and candle lighting with the ancient blessings of Judaism. For my non-Jewish readers, I do hope you are preparing for a relaxing weekend as well. The … Continue reading

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Rob Bell on Animals, Angels, and Atheism

There are two posts today, so don’t forget to scroll down and read “Rob Bell on Heaven and Hell.” I am reading Sex God, and finding it to be a moving read with much to say about how I live … Continue reading

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Rob Bell on Heaven and Hell

I’m reading Sex God, by Rob Bell. You can buy it here. The book is short and very well-written. Anyone not moved by this book probably needs a few hits off of a defibrillator. I’m not exactly planning to review … Continue reading

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That His Name Would Be One

I am a fool for eschatology [theology of the future]. I love to think about the promises of the prophets. I love to imagine the world the prophets say will some day be here. I am reminded of eschatology when … Continue reading

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Rob Bell and Yeshua’s Education

I chose this topic today because of something Ben Witherington III said on his blog while reviewing the writings of Rob Bell. Rob is the pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan. He is a wildly popular communicator … Continue reading

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Passover and the Next Generation in MJ

I came to this topic because of an event we held at our congregation last night. My wife, who is creative and a lover of children, created a Passover experience party for the kids. We used many items available from … Continue reading

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L’Shanah Ha’Ba’ah B’Yrushalayim

Near the end of the Seder we say, “L’Shanah Ha’Ba’ah B’Yrushalayim.” It means, “Next year in Jerusalem.” Some might think this is simply a plan to make travel plans for next year’s Seder. If not, it might be seen as … Continue reading

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How Old is the Haggadah?

For those unfamiliar, the Haggadah is a sort of drama contained in a book handed down over many generations for celebrating Passover. We sit around the table and read the Haggadah and surround ourselves with the symbols of Passover. The … Continue reading

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Passover in the Warsaw Ghetto

Chaim Kaplan was born in 1880 in Belarus. He was the principal of a Hebrew school and wrote a children’s Hagaddah (Passover order of service) published in 1936. But Chaim Kaplan is primarily famous for his diary, kept during his … Continue reading

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