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For Leaders: Yeshua Seminar in Toledo in March

I will be speaking on “Jesus the Savior” (some perspectives from Mark about Yeshua in his contextual world) and “Preaching Jesus the Jew,” some practical ideas for teaching Yeshua in context. Here is the site for info and registration:

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News: Children’s Book Available Next Week

The first book in a series of children’s books on the life of Yeshua is on its way from the printer. I just got the ship notification. We’re hoping to have a dozen or more books in the series. What … Continue reading

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Hashivenu 2011

I’m in beautiful Agoura Hills, California, at the annual Hashivenu Forum, a Messianic Jewish think-tank (in my mind, the Messianic Jewish think-tank). The topic this year is Community and Messianic Judaism. I was asked to give one of the two … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Demon Fail

What gospel gives the highest view of Yeshua’s exalted identity? John, of course. But after John, one of the synoptics stands high above the rest. That would be Mark. This story happens after the confession of Peter, and the rebuke … Continue reading

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Passover: Early Preparations

Last year, you said you were going to do it. You probably said the same the year before. This year: do it. Start preparing for Passover early. Why are most Seders inept and boring? It is because people either don’t … Continue reading

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Why We Should Bring Back Yeshua as Prophet

Here is the punchline of an article I just wrote at the Yeshua in Context blog: If we take Yeshua as Messiah-for-the-future-only, as does so much modern religion, we miss the prophetic movement of Yeshua. It is about literal things, … Continue reading

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Is Faith Imagined?

Many people suspect so. And I don’t just mean the critics. Many people who believe wonder, “Am I just imagining this?” I used to hear as an objection to faith, “It’s wish-fulfillment. You wish there were such a thing as … Continue reading

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