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Sukkot Wrap-Up

Well, I certainly meant to journal more than twice this Sukkot. A period of 48 hours of straight rain and the demands of life together with about 15 other families thwarted my plans. Sometimes vacation can be a lot of … Continue reading

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Sukkot Journal, Day 2

We’re especially alive at night and our Sukkah is as bright as Las Vegas! We’re so busy having fun, we’ve not done as much praying or studying as I would like. And last night, neighbors asked to stop singing songs … Continue reading

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Sukkot Journal, Day 1

Where are you spending Sukkot?

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Prayers and Sukkot: A Quick Survey

There are some wonderful traditions of prayer surrounding Sukkot. The most interesting is the waving of the lulav. To get the full effect, gather a few hundred thousand people in Jerusalem surrounding the Temple. Have them all waving palm branches … Continue reading

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A Good Review of Yeshua in Context

Rabbi Dan Benzvi, who often disagrees with me about other matters, loves my book. Here is his review:

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Sukkot Laws: A Quick Survey

I’ll be sharing a cornucopia of plentiful Sukkot delights over the next 8 days or so. I do hope you keep the Feast in love with family and friends. If you are Jewish and have not discovered the joys of … Continue reading

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Transforming Aspects of the Gospels, #1

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