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Messianic Jewish Musings has moved as of April 18, 2011. Old posts and comments will remain here and will also be ported to the new site. New comments (even on old posts) should be made at the new site.

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PODCAST: Narrow Door – Yeshua in Context

Luke 13 is in a section about the messianic prophet on his way to Jerusalem. The conflict is mounting. There is a conflict with the powers of illness and demonic possession. Yeshua is defeating them. Another conflict is building with Yeshua’s own generation and especially the leaders and aspiring leaders of Israel.

The messianic prophet says there is a narrow door. But if this door is not found, Israel will find it locked and the judge will not hear their plea. “Jerusalem, how I longed to gather you,” says the messianic prophet. But the narrow door has been missed. There are, however, hidden things going on. Something is growing in the Yeshua movement, something that will outlast Yeshua’s career in Israel.

A CHANGE IN PLANS: In good news, the children’s book is getting closer and may be ready early. In somewhat disappointing news, I’m putting off the audio-commentary on Mark for a later time in 2011. I’m realizing the need to edit and improve my notes on Mark. Even in a few months some things have become much clearer for me and I believe the Mark commentary will be better for the wait.

COMING: “Eyewitnesses in the Gospels” seminar June 5 in Atlanta. We’d love to have you come and join us. “Reading the Rabbis” June 26. See on the “Classes” page for the latest information.

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Hidden things are happening

This is sort of random. I just enjoyed the thought that came to me about Luke 13:18-21. How do these retellings of the mustard seed and leaven parables fit with vss. 1-21? Luke Timothy Johnson’s commentary helped me see the connections. After the jump I have a few sentences I wrote, inspired by Johnson, about how these parables are being used by Luke to round out the section. Those who subscribe to my Daily D’var commentary on Torah and gospel readings get this sort of material daily. Continue reading

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God-Stories vs. Godless Stories

I’m reading Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind, a very well written novel in the fantasy genre (a genre I love and which I am writing in as you can see here). One his little side stories made me think about religious versus atheistic stories and what relation they have to love, goodness, and activism to help and change the world.

I’m not seeking to prove or even give evidence for or against any religion in this musing. I have to say honestly, though, that I am dissing the atheists’ story. So maybe I’m giving a subjective argument against the materialist-naturalist-atheist meta-narrative. But you be the judge. Continue reading

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MJ About to Get a Media Boost!

New partnerships have been planned for over six months and are about to appear on the scene Monday, April 18 (the day of preparation for Passover). Messianic Jewish Musings is moving. Messianic Judaism is going to start getting a boost in ratings. These are the essentials. Now for a few details . . .

Messianic Judaism Media, my other job besides being a congregational rabbi and writing reams of paperless online articles day and night, is about to launch its website on Monday. It will be a blog collaboration. And all existing posts on “Messianic Jewish Musings” will remain right here but will also be ported over to the new site. So your links to “Messianic Jewish Musings” posts will all still work. But you will need to change your RSS feed subscriptions and so on to the new location: (it won’t work until Monday). I will finish up Monday with a big, easy-to-read link that reminds everyone of the new location.

So what is this all about? Continue reading

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The 2011 Passover Palooza of Information!

Passover is a biggie. We’ve had lots of articles here already about Passover. And people have plenty of Passover questions. This annual Passover Palooza is a way for you to get tons of info and links to resources all in one place, plus I link articles I’ve posted here about various aspects of Passover (spiritual and how-to).

Passover begins at sundown Monday night, April 18, 2011. That night is the first Seder (ceremonial meal of Passover). Most American Jews also have a Seder on the second night. From Monday sundown until Tuesday sundown is a Yom Tov (a special day of Sabbath rest, traditionally two days outside of Israel, so going until Wednesday night at sundown). The seventh (and traditionally also the eighth) day is a Yom Tov as well (starts Sunday night, April 24). Many Messianic Jews and Hasidic Jews have a Seudat Mashiach (Meal of Messiah) Seder on Sunday night.

See after the jump for how-to links, information, articles, resources, and more. Continue reading

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Moshe Sharon

He commented here a few times yesterday. You can click on his name where it appears on his comments to see his blog. A very quick peek suggests he is a person who dabbles in alternative health mixed with kabbalah. It all looks a little “National Enquirer” to me.

Meanwhile, he does one thing on other people’s blogs and the opposite on his own blog. Click “read more” to read his rules explained to a commenter at his blog. We could wish he followed his own rules when walking in other people’s neighborhoods. Continue reading

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