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God-Stories vs. Godless Stories

I’m reading Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind, a very well written novel in the fantasy genre (a genre I love and which I am writing in as you can see here). One his little side stories made me … Continue reading

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Teaching Faith to Youth

I’ve been doing a short series on Sabbath afternoons with the youth of our congregation talking about faith. I didn’t have any when I was a teenager and was not raised in any sort of religious environment. So I find, … Continue reading

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Is Faith Imagined?

Many people suspect so. And I don’t just mean the critics. Many people who believe wonder, “Am I just imagining this?” I used to hear as an objection to faith, “It’s wish-fulfillment. You wish there were such a thing as … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi, God, the Universe, and Us

Science fiction was my religion once. Asimov was my prophet and Clark too, and my teacher was Sagan. That was before I came to Jesus and Judaism. Some of the radical amazement I used to feel for the vastness of … Continue reading

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God in Search of Man, #4

Justin Bond sort of got the jump on me over at Messiah Connection. I had discussed possibly resurrecting J-BOM (the Jewish Book of the Month). And 3.5 people responded enthusiastically! I’d said let’s make Heschel’s God in Search of Man … Continue reading

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God, Air, and Dragon Con

I spent most of my weekend at Dragon Con, the huge comics and sci-fi convention in Atlanta that is held every Labor Day. 30,000 plus people converge on Atlanta. Many wear faerie wings or Star Trek or a thousand other … Continue reading

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Faith Without a Reason? Pt 1

A popular Jewish blogger, whose blog I only recently started following, has a recurrent theme. In the midst of commentary on the news of the Jewish world and Israel mixed with some religious reflection and Torah commentary, this blogger enjoys … Continue reading

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Is the Cross Laughable?

I became aware yesterday of a site that parodies Christian theology and faith in general: It’s all great fun, I guess, if you have no fear of God. And the fact that I made that last statement qualifies me … Continue reading

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Live Blogging: UMJC Rabbi’s Rereat

I am in Palm Springs, California. Out the back window of my hotel room is the San Jacinto mountain range. An 8,500′ peak rises, blocking the horizon. I may have the chance to take a tram up the mountain this … Continue reading

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Jerusalem, Hidden and Enduring

Some people think it is easy for us who are believers. That is, we who believe in the Divine, it might appear to outsiders that our belief comes effortlessly and automatically. Maybe we’re just naive. But the silence of God … Continue reading

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Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide, God

My posts are usually about the Bible, Messianic Judaism, Second Temple Jewish Literature, theology, Israel, and so on. And in some ways this is a theological topic. But I thought I would muse on some fiction reading I am doing … Continue reading

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Academic Intolerance in Archaeology

A few days ago I posted a link to Ben Stein’s upcoming movie, Expelled ( If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, I think you will thank me for pointing it out to you. The movie is due in theaters … Continue reading

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What’s So Bad About a Little Suppression of Free Speech?

Ben Stein is making a movie called Expelled. It’s due out in theaters April 19. You owe it to yourself to look at the trailer. I say it’s about time somebody with a little clout, money to produce something like … Continue reading

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Rob Bell on Animals, Angels, and Atheism

There are two posts today, so don’t forget to scroll down and read “Rob Bell on Heaven and Hell.” I am reading Sex God, and finding it to be a moving read with much to say about how I live … Continue reading

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