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Messianic Jewish Musings Has Moved!!!

Messianic Jewish Musings has moved as of April 18, 2011. Old posts and comments will remain here and will also be ported to the new site. New comments (even on old posts) should be made at the new site. To … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Narrow Door – Yeshua in Context

Luke 13 is in a section about the messianic prophet on his way to Jerusalem. The conflict is mounting. There is a conflict with the powers of illness and demonic possession. Yeshua is defeating them. Another conflict is building with … Continue reading

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Hidden things are happening

This is sort of random. I just enjoyed the thought that came to me about Luke 13:18-21. How do these retellings of the mustard seed and leaven parables fit with vss. 1-21? Luke Timothy Johnson’s commentary helped me see the … Continue reading

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God-Stories vs. Godless Stories

I’m reading Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind, a very well written novel in the fantasy genre (a genre I love and which I am writing in as you can see here). One his little side stories made me … Continue reading

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MJ About to Get a Media Boost!

New partnerships have been planned for over six months and are about to appear on the scene Monday, April 18 (the day of preparation for Passover). Messianic Jewish Musings is moving. Messianic Judaism is going to start getting a boost … Continue reading

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The 2011 Passover Palooza of Information!

Passover is a biggie. We’ve had lots of articles here already about Passover. And people have plenty of Passover questions. This annual Passover Palooza is a way for you to get tons of info and links to resources all in … Continue reading

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Moshe Sharon

He commented here a few times yesterday. You can click on his name where it appears on his comments to see his blog. A very quick peek suggests he is a person who dabbles in alternative health mixed with kabbalah. … Continue reading

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Biblical Glimpses Into Mystical Horizons

I’m giving a Skype lecture Wednesday night to a small group in Texas about mysticism and the Bible. So, naturally, my mind is on the subject this week and I’m putting down some rather random notes. Glimpses into mystical horizons … Continue reading

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Ways a Bad Translation Can Goof You Up

I was teaching yesterday at congregation. I do an interactive hour of teaching every week after the shacharit (morning prayer) service. The subject was Luke 8. I was talking about how you can see over Luke’s shoulders to an issue … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Faith in Waiting – Yeshua in Context

I’m wondering if we can look over Luke’s shoulder as he orders and shapes the storytelling in Luke 8. Does he order and shape these very familiar stories in a pattern that sends a message to the community in his … Continue reading

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Debunking Three Common Bible Myths

These myths are so prevalent, they just keep getting repeated. Myth #1: Abba means “daddy,” and is a term of childhood endearment. Myth #2: The high priest on Yom Kippur went into the Holy of Holies with a rope tied … Continue reading

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“Knowledge” Transcending Knowledge

I’m giving a Skype seminar next Wednesday to a small group in Texas. With the cost of airline travel and gasoline, it only makes sense for a small group to find an alternative. I’m interested to see how it all … Continue reading

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CLASSIC REPRINT: Hidden Meaning in the Passover Haggadah

Reading Lawrence Hoffman’s historical commentary on the Haggadah in My People’s Passover Haggadah is always a joy. My People’s Passover Haggadah (MPPH) has commentary from many angles by different contributors: biblical, theological, midrashic, medieval commentators, modern haggadot, feminist, spirituality, and … Continue reading

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Also Messiah of the High & Mighty

On the Yeshua in Context blog, I explore the not-so-poor-and-lowly among Yeshua’s disciples and those he served. Preview: Don’t forget also the woman with the issue of blood (as the King James has immortalized her in Mark 5:25). She had … Continue reading

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Why is Passover so Christian-ly Popular?

I’m not sure when the practice started, the practice of churches inviting in Jewish-Christian speakers to talk about Passover and the Last Supper of Jesus. I’m guessing that it sort of started with Jews for Jesus in the 70’s. I … Continue reading

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The Lead Codices Aren’t … They Just Aren’t

They are not long lost texts that will redefine the meaning of Jesus’ death. They are not a find to rival the Dead Sea Scrolls. There is a chance they may turn out to be something quite significant — but … Continue reading

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