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Incarnation, a Jewish View

Usually on Fridays, I write a Sabbath meditation. In a way this is a good meditation for any day, including a Sabbath. Many do not think of theology as meditational, devotional, transformational, or practical. I disagree. I hope this theological … Continue reading

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A Slow Week for Blogging

Shalom all. I apologize for the lack of content. I am helping with our congregation’s Children’s Summer Yeshiva this week. We set up a Biblical village and made costumes and we are teaching and entertaining kids every day. It leaves … Continue reading

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Purity Laws and the Doctrine of Resurrection, Part 1

Recently we considered the fact that there will be sacrifices and purity laws in the Age to Come. Now I would like to consider how the purity laws of the Torah point to the doctrine of the resurrection of the … Continue reading

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Christian Farmers Serving Israel

Tonight I went to Athens, Georgia, to hear a presentation by the Waller family. They are Christians in Israel serving Israelis by helping in agriculture. You can find out more about them at They are Christian Zionists who have … Continue reading

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Purity Laws and Sacrifices in the Age to Come?

When I wrote my latest book, A New Look at the Old Testament, one of my goals was to bring to Christians and Messianic Jews a sound theology of the sacrificial system. Liberal Jews, and most Christians, think that the … Continue reading

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Sabbath Meditation, Abandoned? Alone?

I’m posting this one a bit earlier than usual for a Friday, but I hope Shabbat is already on your mind. We’re having a house full of teenagers over for a Youth Shabbat. Hope yours is as adventurous as mine … Continue reading

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Should We Follow the Rabbis? Pt 7

By now we are way into this discussion. You really should take the time to read Parts 1-7 if you haven’t. This is a summary and discussion of a paper by Dr. Mark Kinzer delivered to the 2003 Hashivenu forum. … Continue reading

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