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Problems with Messianic Judaism on the Fringe

I know today is Thanksgiving and we’re all thinking about turkeys and football and family. But I have just a little suspicion some folks are going to be on their usual computer reading lists today at some point, eager to … Continue reading

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Peter Rollins and Coffeehouse Philosophy

I went downtown last night and tonight to hear Christian philosopher Peter Rollins speak. He is the author of How (Not) to Speak About God and The Fidelity of Betrayal, a book which he originally wanted to call What Would … Continue reading

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Book Review: Up, Up, and Oy Vey

Up, Up, and Oy Vey by Simcha Weinstein is both theological and fun, and how often does that happen? You might not think a book about the Jewish cultural connection to the comic book world could be theological, but think … Continue reading

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I love blogging. You have no idea how much it means to me to have readers to keep me busy and thus to have a reason to write about a thousand different topics (all related to Messianic Jewish theology and … Continue reading

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A Reader Comments on Calvinism

Triston sent this comment by email and I thought I would pass it on. It brings back memories of days past when I would spend hours day after day debating theological issues such as determinism and free will (usually framed … Continue reading

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Virgins, Prophets, Angels, and Matthew

This post is part of a series, the most recent two installments to be found at “Read All About It: Ancient Prophet’s Precise Prognostication!” and “The Non-Story Approach to Matthew Five Fulfillments.“ ………………………………… Of the five fulfillments in Matthew 1-2, … Continue reading

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Limits of Knowledge, Brilliant Ben Witherington Comments

On his blog, Ben Witherington, a very helpful New Testament scholar (though weak on Israel issues, IMO), is commenting on an interview with John Piper. John Piper is pretty much THE voice of Calvinism in America today. Calvinism is a … Continue reading

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