Moshe Sharon

He commented here a few times yesterday. You can click on his name where it appears on his comments to see his blog. A very quick peek suggests he is a person who dabbles in alternative health mixed with kabbalah. It all looks a little “National Enquirer” to me.

Meanwhile, he does one thing on other people’s blogs and the opposite on his own blog. Click “read more” to read his rules explained to a commenter at his blog. We could wish he followed his own rules when walking in other people’s neighborhoods.

Moshe Sharon to a commenter on his blog (not me…I have no intention of commenting on his blog):

I edited your comments because it seems that you are attempting to use my blog to proselytize your religious beliefs and I cannot allow that. My work is for all people and consistent with all belief systems that rely on the Torah (Hebrew Bible) as the true word of G-d. Those who disagree with me are most welcome to comment and I always like a good respectful debate. However, I will not allow anyone to use this forum to promote Christianity or any other religion. thank you for understanding.

Compare this to Moshe Sharon’s comment here at Messianic Jewish Musings yesterday:

You are using Jewish Mysticism to promote Christianity to Jews. Very clever, but your statement about the mystery of the man-god being available only to childlike minds is bubbamises. What you are saying in effect is that people have to be stupid enough to understand it. Of course you have to appeal to the ignorant. those with any level of Torah learning would never buy into your idol worship.


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4 Responses to Moshe Sharon

  1. Moshe Sharon made a comment and I deleted it (due to more ranting about how deceptive and dangerous I am). But I thought it only fair to retain here in this comment his own defense of his book and his work, which I criticized. So, here is what he said about his book:

    However you’re off the mark with the ” dabbles in alternative health mixed with kabbalah.” If you had bothered to read even one paragraph of my work rather than going on a vengeful witch hunt, you would have learned that I have been a licensed health professional with a masters in public health for 32 years and devoted the last ten years of my life to learning Torah and Chassidus. My book, “Health Secrets from the Seventh Heaven” is a treatise on how negative thoughts, resulting in negative speech and actions cause illness and how preventive medicine starts with making the right choices. Not so mystical, after all. It’s just a matter of becoming aware of the soul powers within you to solve existing and potential health problems.


  2. All that said a “masters in public health” does not sound adequate for a book on how to be healed. And “soul powers” does not sound like a valid medical term. And Chassidus and kabbalistic ideas are certainly part of the book. My goodness, its title is Health Secrets from the Seventh Heaven. Doesn’t sound like I was far off does it?


  3. benicho says:

    Actually it sounds somewhat like what Brad Scott talks about.

  4. I love ya brotha – CHAZAK!

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